All Spice Pimento (Ground)

All Spice Pimento (Ground)

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Are your dishes boring? Need a little something to give depth and richness? This is the flavour you are looking for.

Allspice has a rich, earthy, deep flavour that is considered essential in Jamaican cooking. No Jerk seasoning is complete without it. 

If you make your own seasonings, you need this in your life. Even if you don't make your own seasoning, you need to add this to your collection, it works in chillis, with chicken, steak, tofu, lentils... I could go on for a while here, but you get the picture. 

Want to bash things into oblivion, or just looking for whole allspice berries? We have them too. 

Ground Pimento Allspice.

Also known as Jamaica pepper, myrtle pepper or pimenta.

This product is loose, packed onsite and is sold per 10g


Ingredients: Pimento Allspice (ground) 

Product of: Mexico

Allergies: N/A

Unless specified, all our products are packed in an environment containing: Glutenwheat, milk, soya/soybeans, sesame, tree nuts and peanuts, eggs, mustard
See our Allergy page for more details

Shelf life of the product is 12 months, unless stated otherwise