Our Mission

.....is, and always has been, to promote zero and low waste shopping to everyone - we see it as an sustainable and achievable alternative to heavily packaged convenience shopping.

We do this by trying to make it as accessible, affordable, interesting, friendly and fun as we possibly can, we’re not perfect, but who is? Here’s to being imperfectly zero waste and still trying ;-)

Originally opened as the JarTree in 2018 (Leeds first ever dedicated Zero Waste Shop) - Panda Refills reopened in 2020 in Leeds Kirkgate market. We're surrounded by green grocers, fish mongers, butchers and cheese mongers, its the ideal place to come for a plastic-free shopping experience!

We offer ‘weigh and pay’ refills of food, cleaning and bodycare products, as well as gifts, homeware and anything else interesting we can find. We believe its a better way to shop - and buying just what you need saves both money and saves unused food from ending up in landfill - and of course there's no packaging to worry about. 

What We Sell

Currently, we have a surprisingly large selection of products (which we have tried and tested ourselves of course) and if we don’t have it in then we probably know where you can get it!
But of course, there's always room for improvement, and we're dedicated (or possibly obsessed) with finding the tastiest, most interesting, unique, beautiful, refreshing and wonderful products we possibly can. We stock products from most all of the leading eco-friendly brands, as well as small suppliers and local crafty makers. Wherever possible we'll stock local, because we're passionate about promoting #zerowateleeds and #madeinyorkshire <3 


Meet the Team


Hello Jenny


Jenny (Manager)

Self confessed nerd, crazy cat lady and nap enthusiast, Jenny's desire to change the world was fueled by ‘save the whales’ campaigns she saw when she was little (littler than she is now).

On a bad day she can be cheered up by sending her coffee (filter, with milk, no sugar, thanks!) and on a good day, also send coffee.  

Aimee (Buyer)

Aimee exists mostly online, chasing products and looking for cool stuff. Originally an artist from Middlesbrough, Aimee also works in-store and also likes coffee. 


 Hello Aimee

Hello Panda Conrad the Panda (Marketing and Social Media)

This panda is in charge of our social media because no one else wanted to do it and he’s honestly not doing a bad job.