Baking Powder (Gluten free)

Baking Powder (Gluten free)

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Baking powder - a baking essential! Without it, your cake will be flatter than a pancake... unless you are actually making pancakes.

Not to be confused with bicarbonate of soda. Baking powder is usually a mixture of bicarbonate and Cream of Tartar - so check what your recipe is asking for!

For general baking: Add 1tsp of baking powder per 100g of flour.

This product is loose, packed onsite and is sold per 100g


Ingredients: Mono calcium, phosphate, organic corn starch, sodium bicarbonate

Product of: TBC

Allergies: Unless specified, all our products are packed in an environment containing: Gluten, wheat, milk, soya/soybeans, sesame, tree nuts and peanuts, eggs, mustard
See our Allergy page for more details

Shelf life of the product is 12 months, unless stated otherwise