Hermes - Literally Delivering for Local Businesses

Small Shops vs. Supermarkets on local lockdown delivery, no contest? - Hermes wants to even the odds in a greener way

Hermes has an Innovation Team - and they’ve innovatively given them all electric bikes.

That’s what we learnt when the delivery giant approached us about a small new scheme they’re launching in Central Leeds - starting right here at Kirkgate Market!

Hermes has offered to do deliveries for small local businesses to help them reach vulnerable and shielding customers during lockdown - and do it all on electric bikes!

Hermes Electric Bike Delivery

Hermes Driver Sam, poses with his his new electric bike

Adrian, who runs the team, told us why he feels now was the right time to launch local eco-friendly delivery:

The pandemic changed everything and highlighted the requirement to reconnect local retailers with their customers, and help them compete against the supermarket and online giants!” 

We wanted any delivery solution to be as sustainable as possible from the outset.  We’re already trialing delivery on foot in central London - but the distances we need to travel in Leeds mean that’s not an option. 

The bikes give us capacity and range and they can get round the city almost as quickly as a diesel van could, but with a fraction of the emissions.


Sam Delivering Coffee

Sam - about to deliver his first order of very important coffee & vegan sweets

Seems like a good plan, so why start this scheme in Leeds?

That’s easy! Leeds is my local city (Adrian is a Wakefield lad) for culture and commerce - our head office is in Morley and our Tech Hub is Leeds city centre so it’s our local patch! Most of the team call Leeds home.

What does this mean for Panda Refills? 

Were proud to say that we’re the first shop to take them up on this offer - so from today we’re offering Electric Bike delivery to the below Leeds postcodes - only a few to begin with, but hopefully expanding outwards if the scheme becomes more popular

Oh, and did we mention it’s free? 

Yep - the three month trial period is FREE FOR US, so it’s FREE FOR YOU. As Hermes puts it: “We would prefer to concentrate on building a service that’s valuable to people” before they start the pesky business of charging anyone

So, we are pleased to say our green bike deliveries will be free to the following postcodes until Easter:

LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS5, LS6, LS7, LS8, LS9, LS10, LS11, LS13 

Delivery times will be 9am-5pm, Monday -Friday


Do we have to order any differently to get the free delivery?

You don’t have to do anything different when ordering - just add your postcode during checkout and select Hermes Local Delivery!  

Is there a minimum order cost to qualify for delivery?

Well, we would suggest a £10 minimum, we don't want them biking out with just a toothbrush to deliver! But they said they'd deliver anything that fits on the bike so....

I don't live in one of those post codes - Can I still get delivery?

Yes, but it won't be delivered by Hermes - It will be our usual delivery driver, at the usual delivery cost - although Hermes has said if the scheme is popular then they'll try to get an electric van - then expand the delivery area

Is there a weight limit?

There's no strict weight limit - just anything that can realistically fit on the bike (there is also a bigger bike - not pictured here)

Has Hermes named their bikes yet?

No, I have confirmed with Adrian that they just call them 'big bike and small bike' - though I believe they are open to any suggestions other than Bikey McBikeface


Thanks for reading! - Aimee 

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